Newbie Blogger

I must be honest I’ve never understood the point of blogging, and I’ve also never read a blog before. But suddenly I find myself looking at my laptop screen.. and there is a blog… with my name on it… and a big blank section begging to be filled with witty, creative content that will inspire people, make them laugh or cry or put down the self help book and become the person they have always wanted to be! No pressure right.. and with that no promises…

First a little bit about myself- I am an undercover superhero waiting for all my superpowers to fully mature so that I can be released upon this world instead of pretending to be a third year marketing student at Tuks!

Recently discovered superpowers include: the ability to slow time and get an impossible amount of things done in one day, unlimited patience with the #queues that appear to be the hottest trend on campus ,and my most treasured super power… The Silver Lining… this is my ability to find the good in 98% of situations (ANC shenanigans not included).

This blog will hopefully help me uncover something new about who I am, I may surprise myself… and hopefully a certain prospective employer (*cough* Ogilvy*cough*) who is responsible for this blog being started in the first place.

To be continued…


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