Challenge 1 for Ogilvy ;)

1.What’s your blog about (in 140 characters or less)?
My blog is about marketing as an industry and discussing latest marketing trends and whether or not they are effective, as well as analyzing companies/ brands that have effectively and uniquely used different marketing tools (especially social media) to enhance their image. I focus on using new trends (eg the selfie and Instagram) in a unique/ individual way that is especially relevant to your brand- or even in a completely new and previously untried way that creates even greater reach for your brand through social media and WOM. The biggest theme I look at is creating greater reach with relevance, basically reaching a much wider audience by staying relevant in society and using current trends to your benefit, staying on top by being pioneers with marketing on new platforms or using new/ current trends.

2.List 3 words to describe yourself or send us a link to a Pinterest board which visualizes this
Determined, Creative, Multifaceted

3. What inspires you?
I am inspired by things/ people that I am exposed to in my environment, by great acts of love and kindness and by people who are trying and achieving their best. I am inspired by what I see in my surroundings, successful career people who still are able to maintain a balanced family life. The things I see and want for my life inspire and drive me to work harder and achieve more.

4.What is your greatest fear?
Honestly I am not sure what my greatest fear is. I know that there are a lot of things that I am scared of; losing someone I love, losing everything I’ve worked for, not achieving my life goals, being diagnosed with a terminal illness. But I don’t really know which of these fears stands out above the rest. I’m scared of being a victim of a violent crime too. Many things scare me, but I try not to focus too much on what scares me and more on positive things, things I want to do, things I want try and not focus too much on the what ifs…

5. What is your favourite brand and why?
Iron Fist, it’s not a very well-known or popular brand because it is a bit more on the edgy side. But the reason I love it is because the brand doesn’t just sell clothing or shoes- it sells a personality. Every shoe or clothing item has a name which goes with the look and style of the shoe / clothing item and I have never worn the heels or clothing without turning a few heads and getting compliments. They create statement pieces that are girly but have spunk and personality and I love it! They are also not afraid to take risks with the things they put together, and that’s also what makes their items unique (something that you won’t see every person wearing!).

6.Why Ogilvy & Mather (In 140 characters)?
I want to work at O&M because you’re the leader in marketing and advertising in SA and I am very eager to learn from the best so that I can one day become one of the best! I want to be part of the team that comes up with brilliant adverts and marketing campaigns and be in an environment where creativity is encouraged and can flourish. I love that Ogilvy has multiple clients that operate in different industries which would expose and allow me to learn so much! I agree with and respect Ogilvy’s corporate culture of honesty, freedom and being challenged, as well as being supported and trained enough to meet those challenges. I want to be in a company that I could work and grow in and I believe that Ogilvy is a place where that is possible.

7. Complete the sentence: The 3 items I would grab if my house was on fire…
• My baby Diesel- he is a 6yo Rottweiler
• My handbag, because it has my purse, cell phone and a few other essentials (drivers licence/ bank cards/ ID etc- and that stuff is such a mission to replace!) and then I can call the fire brigade.
• My laptop because of the value of the data on it, such as all my photos and personal documents.

8.If you could be a superhero or have certain superpowers, what would they be?
The ability to fly and the power of healing (and bonus power would be to able to speak all languages).
I would want to fly because I would love the freedom that comes with it, the ability to go wherever I want, whenever I want (and that’s definitely a bonus considering how expensive petrol is these days!) I would be able to travel anywhere in the world which would be even more awesome! (That is of course if you don’t worry about small logistical problems of freezing to death in the upper atmosphere- minor problem 🙂 I just think that the feeling of flying would be absolutely incredible!
I would like to be able to heal people and animals because being in pain or hurting is something I hate seeing. I think it would be so awesome to be able to take away someone’s pain or worry of a serious disease. Also to heal animals that are sick because I hate seeing them suffer.
The bonus power of being able to speak all languages would be great if I get the opportunity to travel the world (thanks to flying abilities!) then I would be able to go anywhere in the world and talk to anyone and order any food and work in any country in the world, connect with all people from all over the world.